Wonder Girls on Win Win (100525) Cuts!

Omg, so so epic! I can’t wait for subs! Wonder Generation ftw~! ❤
All video credits goes to UnknownCarrot110 @ youtube

Wonder Girls’ Dance
(Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody, 2DT)

Best part of the video… Tae Yeon: “Yoobin jjang! Yoobin jjang!” =D

Wonder Girls’ Messages to Sun Mi

My message for Sun Mi… Do come back soon.
Wonderfuls will wait for your return. We miss you ❤

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[OLD] 071230 Wonder Generation @ KBS Music Festival

Many of you, guys had wondered what event THIS came from.
And thanks for fairycatty02 @ youtube for reuploading.

I’m sure there are more videos like fancams
from this event, which I can not find, still T_T

But I think it’s hilarious because when SNSD is performing, I kept my eye on Sun Mi the WHOLE time and it seemed like she was trying to find Tae Yeon and when she did, it looked like she was staring at her for sooo long. Haha. Quite cute.
Sun Mi & Tae Yeon ❤

*note: my desktop computer with all my applications/programs crashed.
i’m going to have to find some substitute programs for my mac instead.
for the time being, please, i apologize for any slow updates whatsoever*

Sun Mi: “I Love Girls’ Generation”

Love? Love, Sun Mi? I think it’s more like… obsession… Like me!

So last update for today and when I saw this video. I freaked out.
Why didn’t somebody tell me about this sooner?!

Sun Mi: “I Love Girls’ Generation”

Interviewer; ‘2009 is the year of the girl groups, how does it feel to not be apart of that,
do you guys want to join in on the fun?’

Sunmi; ‘Im having fun here too but, while Im here, im suppporting my fellow girl groups in Korea’

SunYe; ‘Yeah.. she really likes them’

Yoobin; ‘Yeah.. she always listens to their music’

Sunmi does the *Genie dance*
“Im Genie for your wish!”

Yoobin; ‘Yaa ok stop, I’ll call TaeYeon.. I’ll tell TaeYeon you really like her.’

cr. fallen*angel @ soompi

Yah.. This made my day. I can sleep happy, now.

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Wonder Generation is L-O-V-E, baby!