[Special] Tae Yeon Chin Chin Radio Fanmade Booklet

Big announcement, folks!

I’m sure plenty of Chin Chin fans miss DJ Taengoo.
Well, do I got some news for you.

All of Chin Chin being compiled into one booklet.
That’s right, DVD’s of all bora’s, audios, pictures. You name it!
And the booklet will also contain a list of guests that day,
as well as songs that has been played that day.

Be sure to follow the creator of this whole project for any questions!

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^ Grace is the maker of this whole sha-bang, so thank her in the process! ^

The price will be 26 USD (excluding shipping & handling)
HOWEVER, if there are more than 100 orders..
then it MAY be CHEAPER!

As for now, the project is still in the works until
we get a decent amount of interested buyers.

Check out the rest of the post for preview photos,
and a bit more info 🙂 Continue reading

Kangin Currently Planning to Enlist in the Army?

SM Entertainment revealed, Excluding Kangin who is planning to get enlisted in the army, Kibum who is currently focusing on his acting career, and Hankyung who is in middle of a lawsuit, ten members of Super Junior have participated in this production. Only those ten members will be joining the activities for the album as well.”

It would be an understatement to say this album is highly anticipated, especially due to the fact that fans have been waiting for over a year and half. However, the absence of three members seems to be pretty bittersweet for fans, especially since with the surprising announcement regarding Kangin enlisting in the army.

Super Junior expressed, “We hope that Kangin will spend his military years well….”


Their comeback is expected to be May 13th so be on the look out for that.
As for Kangin Oppa… Whatever your plans may be. Your fans will support you.
Kim Youngwoon, hwaiting!

Oh Ehm Gee!

EDIT *2 hours later* LOL, just had to add this swf I made from a recent video.
It’s from Champagne, and in this episode there’s a segment where they had to choose their “ideal type” and Kangin was just plain hilarious in this ❤

Link 1 or Link 2

How mean of them to make him choose like that, XD
Yes. Kangji may be for tv, but Kangyeon is reality.
(if i was in his position, it’d be really hard for me to choose too!
I love both Kangji and Kangyeon, but of course… Kangyeon rules more, LOL!)


Omo, major spazz! This pic was from the special on Music Bank last friday.
So Nyuh Shi Dae’s comeback and Super Junior’s last performance. Aigoo!

click on image for full view

credit as tagged

(look at how they’re holding hands)

Kang-Yeon is real, yo!

Kang-Yeon shippers, please. Feel free to spazz with me.

gosh, Kangin. come back to Chin Chin already, lol.

Kangin Visits Chin Chin!

I don’t know exactly when this was, but who cares. It’s Kang-Yeon once again!
LOL! I know it had to be sometime this week, though (of course).
Oh, Kangin Oppa. Why must you dye your hair? You look like an ahjussi, now.
Be careful before Tae Yeon ends up calling you Kangin Ahjussi!

Notice how she can’t let go of his arm, and the smile on their faces is L-O-V-E

LOL! I love Tae’s facial expression here! ❤
Kang-Yeon’s face is like “Heechul, stop trying to get in between us!”
And Heechul.. Well, he looks almost scared XD

Tae Yeon: *pouts* “.. I- I want Kangin, not you..”

Don’t be mistaken. Kangin is not coming back on Chin Chin as a DJ.
He just came to visit the studio. (Don’t worry, I wish he was too)

Kangin’s Last Farewell on Chin Chin

credit: butterflylaydee686 @ youtube
(Hun, you are jjang!)

Because of his tight schedule, Kang In had to step down as the DJ of the radio show called, “Kang In and Tae Yeon’s Chin Han Chin Gu”. This left fans really sad.

Last Sunday (19th), Kang In did a farewell broadcast, and during the broadcast, fans had to listen Kang In crying and left fans really sad. Also, during the broadcast, DJ Tae Yeon also teared up really hard.

It reminded the fans when Kang In won his award in the event, “MBC TV Entertainment Awards”, and also that day, he teared up.

Other than the staffs and Tae Yeon, Kang In did final farewell to the fans.

At the end, Kang In said, “When I come back next time, I wish I could get along with the fans more longer.” And, he said,”I love you, fans and thank you”. And then, he said, “During the times here, I’m glad that I had producer hyung, and nunas and Tae Yeon with me”.

So therefore, starting the 20th, Tae Yeon will be broadcasting as a solo DJ.

Translated by: FanyTae@soshified.com/forums
Credit: 박재영 (Park Jae Young) 기자/jy@todaykorea.co.kr

And today (22nd) was actually Tae Yeon’s first bora alone.
(Well, technically it isn’t, but you know what I mean.
Officially as a now solo DJ)

Oh, and Yoona stopped by near the end of the show too.
Expect updates to be posted two days earlier since I’m on vacation,
I’ll have a little more time on my hands.