110109 SBS Inkigayo – TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down”

I’m saddened by this “live” performance
because it was lip-synced. “WAE~?!”

Maybe they wanted to focus more on the dancing, idk.
Okay, so I found out it was because Yunho had a cold,
did not notice at all, but if that’s the case then okay.
Still, the dancing was like… perfect. Either way, loved it ❤

Video credit goes to TheAbeePop @ YouTube

GIFs in the full post (sorry, I’m mostly Yunho biased…)
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Sulli Pulls Luna’s Hair!

During their performance on Inkigayo today (091115),
at one point, Sulli’s hand gets caught in Luna’s hair!
Did you guys notice it? Watch the video again!

Video credit goes to jerrynaifx @ youtube

Still didn’t see it? It’s @ 0:30.
The girls pulled it off well like nothing happened, eh?

Here’s a closer look.

Poor girls. I felt a little uneasiness from them after.
It’s like they tried to smile, but it was awkward and embarrassing.
I can just see them after the performance, now.

Sulli: “Oh! Unnie! *touches Luna’s head*
Gwenchanayo?! Miahnae! Choseumnidah!”
(Are you okay? I’m sorry!)
And then Luna would pop out with random english.
Luna: “Haha, eet’s oh-kaye!”

Then, they laugh it off as Sulli hugs onto Luna and can’t let go
because of how bad she felt and Luna just laughs and holds her.
*snaps out of daydream*

I’m surprised at how well they played it off.
I bet more than half of ya’ll didn’t even notice that, did you?

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091107 F(x) Joins SHINee’s Mutizen for “Ring Ding Dong” @ SBS Inkigayo

I’m sure most of you guys have seen this by now, right?

Video credits goes to chyansie @ youtube

The best part? Luna’s mess up during the dance, XD
Did you not notice? She was doing the opposite direction the whole time ❤

Notice her facial expression right after she realized it, LOL!

Oh- Oh! There we go. She finally gets it right at last minute ^^

So, now. Who wants to see F(x) perform “Ring Ding Dong” as a special?!