Happy 100th Day to F(x)!

*Updated with Subs*

Yes! It’s been 100 days since their debut and I’m so proud of them!
Look at how much they accomplished and how successful they’ve become.
Seriously, I’ve never seen a group debut so victoriously fast XD
Let’s hear what F(x)’s Sulli, Krystal, and Amber has to say!

Video credit goes to JAMJOOsubs @ youtube

Don’t worry, when it gets subbed, I’ll be sure to put it up.
I do not know where Victoria and Luna were, but weren’t these three
still super cute? From their dorky ways to Amber’s “i look good” ways.
Haha, once again, congratulations to F(x)! Saranghae!

Krystal Jung Is A Player Just Like Her Sister!

She really does learn from the best. It must be in the genes.

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Credit goes to Aff(x)tion forums!
Amber is Krystal’s husband while Sulli is her boyfriend?!
Wow, this girl. Just like her big sister, Sica. How ironic.

It’s okay. I’m the same. I have husbands and boyfriends too.
Lemme list them out.
Husband: Yunho
Boyfriend: Jaejin
Wife: Sica
Girlfriend: Luna

I can keep going by saying Yuri is my hottie, Soo Young is my best friend,
Tae Yeon is my number 1, and it goes on and on and on.
But, I won’t bore anybody so I’ll just stop there *whistles*


Swine Flu Hits F(x) Trio!

That is literally what I said out loud when I saw the headline.

F(x) members Amber, Krystal and Sulli
have been diagnosed with Swine Flu.

On the 22nd, the three members, feeling symptoms of a cold, they went to receive examinations at the hospital and were diagnosed with Swine Flu on the 23rd.

Members Luna and Victoria, however, have not been affected
and are currently healthy.

f(x) will unfortunately be canceling their attendance at the K-Pop Night concert in Shanghai, China scheduled for November 25th.

credit: allkpop

Let’s pray for them to have a speedy recovery! ❤

I sure hope Sica unnie isn’t worrying too much >.<
(Jung Sisters is L-O-V-E)