110120 Seoul Music Awards

Beginning of a new year always means many award shows,
so here’s the latest one, Seoul Music Awards.

Though the award ceremony was a bit boring
There were many highlights that you may have missed if you
had blinked your eye… (or skipped over when fast forwarding)

Here are the highlights that I have captured.
You’ll get a bit of SNSD, SHINee, B2ST, and more 🙂
Mostly SNSD, though ❤

Like Tae Yeon sings, …. “CHECK IT OUT~!

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January Comeback for Joo

I really love this girl and I was waiting for her return ❤
BUT… the teaser images are kind of.. unexpected to me..

Looks nice so far, right? Do you see what I see, though?


Holding a mo’fo gun… First picture looked kind of cute, and now I’m scared.

JOO will be returning to the music industry after a two-year hiatus with her new mini-album, “Heart-Made.”

JOO’s official homepage launched their comeback preparations on December 29th, and revealed teaser images for her title track, “Bad Man“.

The pictures do well in showing the singer’s mature transformation (compared to her youthful debut days), and deliver a strong contrast between the soft sunlight and the cold piece in her hand. A framed picture of 2PM’s Chansung is also seen sitting on a table, hinting at a possible collaboration.

JOO will be releasing “Heart-Made” this coming January, which features a track composed by E-TRIBE.

cr; allkpop

Anything E-Tribe produces is fire, whether the song makes sense or not, LOL!
So, I’m excited to hear her mini album. Go, JOO~!