[Fanfic Trailer] 009: The Power of Nine

Surprise! This is my “official” trailer to a fanfic I am writing.
What, you’re expecting a full-length movie after? HA, sorry.
You’ll have to deal with reading, LOL!

Hope the trailer reels you in to make you want to read the story.
Here’s the link from which you can read the story from!

Soshified: http://soshified.com/forums/index.php…

Now, EXCLUSIVELY only at Soshified!

Subscribe! Oh, and yes, you saw it correctly.
The full story will be released FALL 2011, another year!

[Fanfic Trailer] Carribean Bay: Summer of Love

Hey, guys! This was a new project that was given to me,
and I thought I’d give it a shot.

Sunny_Yunny (Miko) is a fanfic writer and came to me
asking to create a fanfic trailer for her,
and so I did.

This was made a while back however, and I considered it
my first and last trailer I would make.
But then… I’m deciding to start up on it again because
it was super fun when I made this trailer and
am truly satisfied with the outcome

(though, the trailer may be portrayed as a different
genre from the actual one of the fanfic, lmfao)

Anyways, check out the trailer!

Carribean Bay: Summer of Love

So, if you’re interested in this fanfic,
please do visit the link above.
Don’t forget to comment on the story!


This brings me to what I really wanna talk about.
After saying all that up there,
if you are a fanfic writer, or knows someone who is,
or just think it’d be awesome to see a trailer
of your favorite fanfic, then please comment!

I would definitely love to practice making
more movie / fanfic trailers 🙂