SNSD Pretends to be Kara @ Amusement Park

So, I just read this… and talk about Kara Generation! ❤
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On  the most recent episode of “Strong Heart,” SNSD’s Yuri revealed a cute story about identity theft called “SNSD’s Escape Instinct”.

Being loaded with a hectic schedule, it’s only natural that the girls want to have some fun. Yuri explained, “There was a day where SNSD’s secret escape instinct got brought out. We wanted to go somewhere to relieve our stress, so we decided on an amusement park.”

She went on to say, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, me, and Yoona left without our manager knowing. The four of us all wore the same scarves, hats, and masks so it actually made us more obvious. People were recognizing us. Our plan was almost foiled from the start. Hyoyeon said that she thought of a good strategy, and bought Scream masks that covered our entire heads.”

“It was July so it was really hot… Our masks started getting humid and we couldn’t see in front of us. We waited an hour to ride the roller coasters in that state. After staying like that for an hour, people started to figure us out.”

“Since there were 4 of us, people thought we were SISTAR, miss A, or another 4 member girl group. We thought the suspicions were relieved when we started talking in male voices.”

Yuri continued, “Jessica got out of practice late and contacted us saying she wants to join. She came with the exact same mask on. Since there were now 5 of us with the same mask, people started suggesting we were KARA. However, they observed that the one with the long legs was Sooyoung, and we were almost found out. We all decided to pretend we were KARA, and did the ‘butt’ dance. Thankfully, it all went according to plan and we got to ride the roller coasters.”

cr; allkpop

Reading how Jessica joined in after, that was a home run for me XD
SNSD? Scream masks? Who saw that coming? LOL ❤

[Gyuri + Jiyoung] Who are Kara closest to?

(Sukira) Talking About
Their Celeb Friends

Video credit goes to SweetMelodix2 @ youtube

I thought that’s SUPER cute when Tae Yeon texted Gyuri during the broadcast.
Kekek, I love all the girl idol group love ^^ Kara Generation! ❤

SNSD Sings Kara

I come home, and this is what I see.
Ahh, beautiful Kara Generation.
(hmph, i miss wonder generation)

credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

LOL @ the dude next to Seo Hyun. Poor girl, having to be next to him.
And Soo Young’s high note during “Pretty Girl” was jjang. Go, girl!
By the way, “Rock U” is such a Sunny song XD

Yet, for some reason. I don’t like their voices that much for Kara songs.
Maybe Kara should just sing Kara and SNSD should just sing SNSD.
But if it was the Wonder Girls.. Then, that’s a totally different story..

I’m so Wonder Generation biased.

Kara Generation

You know.. Now, that Wonder Generation is on what I like to call ‘hiatus.’
I have Kara Generation that I can rely on. Yes, Kara Generation.

Kara’s Nicole Sings ‘Genie’ @ SGB

credit goes to CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

You know what would make this video perfect?
If Nicole did more of the dance/SNSD joins in to sing with her..
And then, Wonder Girls come out from the back singing and dancing along.

Hmm.. I’m still waiting for my WonSoKa Line.

(Oh, and a word for those boys named Llac and K.Will)

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