The Jung Sister’s Mistake (100101 Music Bank)

During F(x)‘s performance of “Chu” during Music Banks New Year special,
Luna and Krystal bumped into each other while getting into their positions.
Check out the video below, the scene happens @ 0:59.

Credit: reirei1991 @ youtube

It’s hilarious how Krystal’s all like “wtf”, and Luna is still jumping around XD

Another mistake happened when SNSD performed “Tell Me Your Wish“,
it was random, but you can see Sica almost tripping on something…

Even she’s looking around like “what the heck was that?”

But it’s okay, you know why?

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Happy Birthday, Krystal!

"MBC Show! Music Core backstage today Together with surprise guest, Jessica-unni!! keke"

[From. Krystal] It’s f(x)’s maknae, Krystal~!

It’s f(x)’s maknae, Krystal!

It’s my 16th birthday today~
I’m really grateful because a lot of people greeted me^^
Our Music Core performance ended and before we went to our next schedule,
I had a birthday party with f(x) members and fans~
I was really really thankful.T-T

Um… And my parents and sister!
To my parents who gave birth to me and raised me, thank you so much,
And to Jessica-unni who always looked out for me… um… I need you to look out for me kekekeke jkjk
To Bikssong-unni, Amber-unni, Luna-unni, Ssul who are always with me~ Thank you!! smile.gif

In the future, I will show a better me~
I’ll become a hardworking Krystal!
To all fans, I love you..….♡
Ring ding dong dong dong dong dong~ keke

* f(Victoria) : Our pretty daughter~Krystal… Happy birthday^^ ‘Vic-umma’ will always be by your side~^*^

* f(Amber) : Krystal baby~ Happy 16th Birthday~ Thanks for being here^^ you know we’re always here for you<3

* f(Luna) : Our maknae Krystal >< Happy Happy Birthday, you know I love you right??hehehe

* f(Sul li) : Yo~~!! Jjung~! Happy Birthday~ hihi thanks for being born >ㅁ< kiss *smooch*!
♥ it’s actually hard to put aegyo into english words but instead of saying just thanks, Sulli said it in an aegyo-ful manner. 고마워 gomawo (normal). 고마워잉 gomawoing (with aegyo). JungLi~ heart_pink.gif

Translation: Beena
Credits: aff(x)tion forums

Luna is Very Shy

So I was watching the interview section for the showcase of Chocolate Love.
When Luna was asked to dance, she got very shy and embarrassed.
She still went up there and this is how it went…

“Uh huh. Okay.. Yeah.. Uhm.. I think I got it-
Uh.. *looks back at members* What do I- Uhm”

Then she totally switches it up and gets right into the zone.

Get it, girl! Get it! Get it! Go Luna! Go, go!

My lovely Luna. You did well. Three cheers for you ❤

Luna: “Whoo, it’s over”
Sulli: “Good job, baby Unnie”




Oh and just because…

You don’t see it? Sica totally felt up Luna.
Okay, it’s nothing big, but hey.. She touched her ^^
My two favorite people in the world. Jjang.

The Making Of “Chocolate Love” LG Cyon CF

I wasn’t planning on doing this at first, but I’m glad I did.
(Eeeeeeeekkkk! Sica and Luna!! <3)

Making of “Chocolate Love” with F(x)

Making of “Chocolate Love” with SNSD

Video credits goes to anneth021 @ youtube

Gifs in the full post. You’ll love them, ahaha…. (Once again, Luna! Sica! <3)

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