[Special] Tae Yeon Chin Chin Radio Fanmade Booklet

Big announcement, folks!

I’m sure plenty of Chin Chin fans miss DJ Taengoo.
Well, do I got some news for you.

All of Chin Chin being compiled into one booklet.
That’s right, DVD’s of all bora’s, audios, pictures. You name it!
And the booklet will also contain a list of guests that day,
as well as songs that has been played that day.

Be sure to follow the creator of this whole project for any questions!

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^ Grace is the maker of this whole sha-bang, so thank her in the process! ^

The price will be 26 USD (excluding shipping & handling)
HOWEVER, if there are more than 100 orders..
then it MAY be CHEAPER!

As for now, the project is still in the works until
we get a decent amount of interested buyers.

Check out the rest of the post for preview photos,
and a bit more info 🙂 Continue reading