[Contest] SNSD Prize Giveaway!

I know I been MIA, but.. c’mon I’m failing in school, gimme a break!
I decided to do this special giveaway and anybody is welcome to enter!

Check out the video about the contest!

[The Boys] Yuri Poster
2 pairs of Yuri socks
SNSD fan
SNSD memopad/notepad
+ bonus prize

In order to participate in the contest, must follow these 3 rules:

1. Subscribe to:

2. Like the video above, and like/favorite the mashup I created for “The Boys”
SNSD – The Boys [Mashup]

3. Comment below with your answer to this question,
If you could choose another concept for Yuri, other than the Red Shoes, which concept would it be and why?
(You may answer the question either here or on the YT video posted above ONLY)

Contest starts from when this video is posted until
November 23rd at 12 MIDNIGHT (EST) [Contest End Date]

Remember to be creative! Looking forward to your answers 🙂

And am I the only one who thinks if Yuri and Yoona switched their solo jacket photo, it would look 10x better? I guess the bangs does Yoona justice more than Yuri for me. Oh welps! XD

Merry Christmas~!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Credit as tagged ❤

Hope everyone has a SAFE Christmas and spends it well.
Cherish these times with your family and friends, and loved ones.

Now, time for me to spam on Christmas pictures of my girl groups.

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[Fanfic Trailer] 009: The Power of Nine

Surprise! This is my “official” trailer to a fanfic I am writing.
What, you’re expecting a full-length movie after? HA, sorry.
You’ll have to deal with reading, LOL!

Hope the trailer reels you in to make you want to read the story.
Here’s the link from which you can read the story from!

Soshified: http://soshified.com/forums/index.php…

Now, EXCLUSIVELY only at Soshified!

Subscribe! Oh, and yes, you saw it correctly.
The full story will be released FALL 2011, another year!

[Fanfic Trailer] Carribean Bay: Summer of Love

Hey, guys! This was a new project that was given to me,
and I thought I’d give it a shot.

Sunny_Yunny (Miko) is a fanfic writer and came to me
asking to create a fanfic trailer for her,
and so I did.

This was made a while back however, and I considered it
my first and last trailer I would make.
But then… I’m deciding to start up on it again because
it was super fun when I made this trailer and
am truly satisfied with the outcome

(though, the trailer may be portrayed as a different
genre from the actual one of the fanfic, lmfao)

Anyways, check out the trailer!

Carribean Bay: Summer of Love

So, if you’re interested in this fanfic,
please do visit the link above.
Don’t forget to comment on the story!


This brings me to what I really wanna talk about.
After saying all that up there,
if you are a fanfic writer, or knows someone who is,
or just think it’d be awesome to see a trailer
of your favorite fanfic, then please comment!

I would definitely love to practice making
more movie / fanfic trailers 🙂

Sorry, Guys!

I apologize for not updating with K-Pop news for like.. ever.
I’m going to try to get back to it.
They don’t lie when they say college is no joke.
Plus, having a job at the same time, talk about “AHHHH~!”

Anyways, with SNSD’s comeback just around the corner,
I feel the need to get back into action.
I’m gonna try to start my GIF project of finishing up
SNSD’s MV’s that I never got to make gifs for soon.
(and yes, that includes their new MV!)


Get ready for some trouble, trouble 😉

MTV Iggy Presents the WINNER of Wonder Girls Photo Remix Contest!

Remember this contest, guys? I hope a lot of you had participated!
Many fans submitted their work and a winner has been chosen.
… Drum roll, please?


Congratulations, RANDY

What a lucky person. Won a Wonder Girls CD, t-shirt,

FYI, the girls picked the winning photo out themselves. Awesome, eh?
Check out their response to the photo—

Sohee – I like holding the giant ice cream!

Yubin – All the members are in the picture, and the picture is perfect for Summer.

Yenny – I just simply want ice cream right now… hehe

Sun – The idea is very unique, and each member of WG’s have individual fun!

Lim – Very clean, candy like feeling~ I feel like I’m on vacation looking at this picture!

Be sure to check out the rest of the submission below,


Wonder Girls Photo Remix

[Special] Tae Yeon Chin Chin Radio Fanmade Booklet

Big announcement, folks!

I’m sure plenty of Chin Chin fans miss DJ Taengoo.
Well, do I got some news for you.

All of Chin Chin being compiled into one booklet.
That’s right, DVD’s of all bora’s, audios, pictures. You name it!
And the booklet will also contain a list of guests that day,
as well as songs that has been played that day.

Be sure to follow the creator of this whole project for any questions!

Follow _happyline (Grace) @ Twitter

^ Grace is the maker of this whole sha-bang, so thank her in the process! ^

The price will be 26 USD (excluding shipping & handling)
HOWEVER, if there are more than 100 orders..
then it MAY be CHEAPER!

As for now, the project is still in the works until
we get a decent amount of interested buyers.

Check out the rest of the post for preview photos,
and a bit more info 🙂 Continue reading