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4 thoughts on “Affilates

  1. Hi Admins,

    We are a small group of KPop fans who have recently started a new blogsite.

    The target of the blogsite is to provide information on the KPop scene in general, but a large part of it is really to help more new fans in connecting with their favourite Korean artists. What we hope to achieve here is to point it out to the new fans on the various sources where they can get videos, streams, dramas, subs and music. Ultimately, we hope for all fans to be able to share their knowledge on their favourite artists with each other instead of falling into an anti-fan culture that is so common in

    In the following months to come, we will be doing featured articles on various sites that we have been visiting or will be affiliated to, to let fans know what is in stored for them when they visit the recommended site. We really hope that you will be open enough for us to work together in growing the KPop community as a whole. Our site is hosted at

    Hoping for a positive reply from you, and the only help we wish of you is to add a link or even a simple article if you so wish to.

    Administrator (James)

  2. Thanks James,

    I really like the meaning behind your site and I will definitely support it.
    Best of luck with the site and let’s hope it becomes just as successful as we’d like it to be!

    – Mellerz

  3. Wow~Nice to meet you!!
    I watched your “Y” English version in Youtube.
    And also , I linked your video in my facebook a few minutes ago.
    BTW, Some friends sent some message.
    and Who is mellerz.
    So i searched and found you.
    Wow..You are really power blogger.
    I give my respect to you.
    I hope your blog will famous in blogger world.
    See you later!!
    BTW, Are u korean?

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