[Contest] SNSD Prize Giveaway!

I know I been MIA, but.. c’mon I’m failing in school, gimme a break!
I decided to do this special giveaway and anybody is welcome to enter!

Check out the video about the contest!

[The Boys] Yuri Poster
2 pairs of Yuri socks
SNSD fan
SNSD memopad/notepad
+ bonus prize

In order to participate in the contest, must follow these 3 rules:

1. Subscribe to:

2. Like the video above, and like/favorite the mashup I created for “The Boys”
SNSD – The Boys [Mashup]

3. Comment below with your answer to this question,
If you could choose another concept for Yuri, other than the Red Shoes, which concept would it be and why?
(You may answer the question either here or on the YT video posted above ONLY)

Contest starts from when this video is posted until
November 23rd at 12 MIDNIGHT (EST) [Contest End Date]

Remember to be creative! Looking forward to your answers 🙂

And am I the only one who thinks if Yuri and Yoona switched their solo jacket photo, it would look 10x better? I guess the bangs does Yoona justice more than Yuri for me. Oh welps! XD

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