101229 SBS Gayo Daejun

I noticed something while watching…
The cameraman was totally T-ara biased.

Ji Yeon’s cute smile and sexy tongue D:

And when T-ara wasn’t there,
it was…

Sistar? Haha, it’s true and this was so cute ❤

Best part for me?

LOL! Only B2ST, yo! Performing a little of “Yayaya”
(look at Doojoon’s major smile in the back, lmfao)

Oh, and let’s not forget…

Nicole’s sexy biting of the lips, wowwww~


Can we get more of Ji Yeon’s tongue, please?

Why certainly ❤

Man, oh, man. The cute smile at first,
then the licking of the lips right after?!
I think I just died happy…



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