[Fanfic Trailer] Carribean Bay: Summer of Love

Hey, guys! This was a new project that was given to me,
and I thought I’d give it a shot.

Sunny_Yunny (Miko) is a fanfic writer and came to me
asking to create a fanfic trailer for her,
and so I did.

This was made a while back however, and I considered it
my first and last trailer I would make.
But then… I’m deciding to start up on it again because
it was super fun when I made this trailer and
am truly satisfied with the outcome

(though, the trailer may be portrayed as a different
genre from the actual one of the fanfic, lmfao)

Anyways, check out the trailer!

Carribean Bay: Summer of Love

So, if you’re interested in this fanfic,
please do visit the link above.
Don’t forget to comment on the story!


This brings me to what I really wanna talk about.
After saying all that up there,
if you are a fanfic writer, or knows someone who is,
or just think it’d be awesome to see a trailer
of your favorite fanfic, then please comment!

I would definitely love to practice making
more movie / fanfic trailers 🙂

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