[MV Teaser] Brave Sound & B2K – “Addict”

I know this is SUPER random, BUT
I am so in love with B2K when they were still a group.
And I mean all FOUR of them T_T

So I was excited to hear the news of the boys doing a dance movie,
(just like their “You Got Served”, which DVD I have)
with Jay Park himself, cause I’m gonna SO SEE IT!

Therefore, I must share this with you guys too πŸ˜€

Video credits goes to BigBangSHINeeWorld4 @ YT

And from the looks of it, is B2K part of Brave Sound Entertainment, now?
Oh, and btw.. J Boog is my favorite ❀

Yuri’s Pants Ripped at SM Town Live ’10 Concert?

I’ll let you look at the pictures,
and have you decide the answer after…



Now, compare her pants with Soo Young’s before you say anything.
I’ll tell you the truth. As for ME, I DO think it ripped.
She’s wearing the exact same design as Soo Young for all I know.
And the middle of Soo Young’s pants is nothing like Yuri’s.

What do you guys think?
Is Yuri too hot for her own pants?