Wonder Girls on Win Win (100525) Cuts!

Omg, so so epic! I can’t wait for subs! Wonder Generation ftw~! ❤
All video credits goes to UnknownCarrot110 @ youtube

Wonder Girls’ Dance
(Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody, 2DT)

Best part of the video… Tae Yeon: “Yoobin jjang! Yoobin jjang!” =D

Wonder Girls’ Messages to Sun Mi

My message for Sun Mi… Do come back soon.
Wonderfuls will wait for your return. We miss you ❤

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Poor Sica Gets Molested…. By Own Members!

Photos; Credit as Tagged

Now, this is TRULY the best picture out there.
Yuri’s hand FULL ON, on Sica’s tummy Look at Yuri’s eyes,
she sees the target. Hey, Yul. Watch where your pinky is going!!!

Sica, you must be having the time of your life. 8 girls touching you?! 😉
Yuri slides her hands across your stomach. (Sunny and Hyo Yeon going in)
Soo Young
getting ready to grab your hand.
and Yoona grabbing hold of your shoulder.
(Yoona’s face seems scared, LOL)

Maknae is the only angel here…


Wonder Girls on Family Outing {PREVIEW}

I seeeeeee epic moments~! Hahahaha.
What’s this? Taecyeon and Yoobin? WHAT?!
Oh, no. Yoona, are you okay? 😉

Yah! Taec, how can you do that to your own family member!
(family member as in those in the same company as you)

Plus, I see Heechul and So Hee! Oh my, keke.
AND Sun Ye and Jo Kwon. Best friends forever ❤ So sweet ^^