I was soo saddened by this new. Chin Chin is what kept you guys here, and what made me make this site.

It has been OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED Tae Yeon will be leaving Chin Chin on the 25th, with broadcasts of her still airing up until the 27th.

The question is what now? Well, it’s nice that Tae Yeon fulfilled her wish on becoming a DJ, and made memories with Kangin Oppa as well as improved as a solo DJ. Yah, DJ Taengoo. I shall miss you. Chin Chin will not be the same. Make the last bora a special one! Okay? Promise!

No news on who the new DJ will be, but we’ll soon find out.

7 thoughts on “*TAE YEON to LEAVE CHIN CHIN RADIO*

  1. yeah is sad to hear she’s leaving radio, but isn’t that great that she will have more rest. look at the positive side, yo!

  2. Maybe IU will replace her…

    Oh well…

    Taeng-Unni, you better come back after your activities… You’re the only reason why I listen/watch Chin Chin…

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