SNSD Win Win(s) My Heart~!

So sexy, so sexy.

Yeah, so anyways. I was looking at photos of the girls from “Win Win” and
a bunch of ideas popped into my head so you know what that called for?
No.. No, not that. EW, not that either! … Freak … jk.

PHOTOSHOP!!! Enjoy the ‘comics’ below 😉

This girl is so eff'in HOT!!!

And so freakin' CUTE too, damnit!

Gosh, Yul. Making me go through my random
“Yuri is looking hotter than everybody else right now” phase
Damn, I can just #%)8)#(8@_09 you right now… Yo.

You can’t hold onto her forever, you know.. I shall dream of you tonight, Yul..
AND YOU WILL BE THERE *evil laughter*

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