100330 Young Street Radio

After watching this show.. I really do think..
Heechul is obsessed over Sica…

SNSD’s “Run Devil Run”

F(x)’s “Chu~”

(Be sure to catch the bonus video, kekeke)

Heechul: “Omona~!”
Sica: “… Yah, get out of here”

Mission “Make Sica Laugh” .. FAIL!

Heechul: “Camera, camera! Watch this”
*Sica bursts out in laughter*

LOL @ Sica trying to imitate Heechul’s face ❤

.. So many thoughts flew in my head ..

Yup, you guessed it. Heechul’s hand.

Heechul must be so sad, parting with Sica, LOL!

Heechul Loves Sica

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