Chin Chin 100303

Finally, finished this once and for all!
Kara Generation, this is for you! ❤

“Lupin” (w/ Kara)

“Umbrella” & “Rollin” (w/ Kara)

“Tasty Love” (w/ Kara)

(first week of March)

Whoo, load of gifs and more video cuts ^^

Kara’s Seungyeon & Gyuri Hair

You know, I really thought she was…
Nevermind, I’ll shut up.

Didn’t she look like a total dude here?
I was so waiting for her to hold up a beer and belch.

Her facial expression, XD

“What.. Can’t an idol eat like this?”

Whoa, Seung Yeon. Relax with the ‘sexy’ 😉

Nicole: “.. Aish! Look at this girl!
Tryna do the sexy hair flip too?!”

Nicole: “I’m just kidding, go ahead lil’ one.
Let unnie help you fix your hair”

These two are so cute. My favorite couple ❤

The weirdest couple…

What kinda show is this turning into?!

It’s about to be a (what?!) GIRL FIGHT!~

WHOA! lmfao, omo. The truth’s been revealed.

Gyuri.. Did you really just smell your extensions?

So in reality, you wanted to cut off your hair..
and turn it into a beard, didn’t ya? Didn’t ya?!

Oh, so that’s what extensions are really for…

Jiyoung: “Maybe I should put my hair up,
just in case Nicole unnie pulls it off…”

What a cutie pie when she did that! ❤

1. Lost 2. Innocent 3. Guilty 4. Vengeance

Tae Yeon Loves to Eat


D O W N L O A D x L I N K

100303 Chin Chin – “Lupin” (w/ Kara)

100303 Chin Chin – “Umbrella” & “Lonely” (w/ Kara)


Tae Yeon: “Kyeow! Kyah!”

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