100222 Ten Ten Club Radio w/ SNSD

No Jessica, Tae Yeon, Yoona, or Yuri.

“Oh” & “Star, Star, Star”

Check out the gifs in the full post!

Yes… Yes that’s a normal greeting..

Yo, Hyo! Sup, sup?!

Hyo Yeon: “Just skip over her. No big deal”

Soo Young: “You’re pretty cute, you know?”
Hyo Yeon: “No, not at all. I’m not- Why, yes. Yes I am”

Soo Young: “So Hyo called me after that screaming
Tiffany: “Omg! Haha, you’re so bad. Haha!”
Soo Young: “Wait, wait. Then she said, ‘i think i love you’
and I was like ‘SAY WHAT?!'”

Seo Hyun: “I hear you’re teaching Soo Young all this”
Tiffany: “Don’t worry! I’ll show you my ways next!”
SH: “Really?!” — Tif: “Yeah!” — Both: “Whoo!”
SH: “And your secret weapon?”
Tiffany: “Yeah, and don’t tell Soo Young”

Cute pairing, keke ❤

Soo Young: “Yah! I heard all that, you know!”
Seo Hyun: “Owwww!~”
Tiffany: “Oh my God!”

Tiffany: “Oh, Soo Young! All fun in games baby!”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bunch of playettes. 😉

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