100219 SBS Power FM Radio with SNSD

No Tae Yeon once again. Plus, Sica is sick T_T
Hope she gets better soon! ❤

“Oh!” & “Show, Show, Show”

“Star, Star, Star”

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Hyo Yeon: “Hellooo everryybodyyy!”
DJ: “Hyo, you can’t do that here”
Hyo Yeon: “Oh- okay. Uhm..”

How cute is this! Aw ❤

Wow, Yuri’s laugh was all out, LOL!

Sunny’s first priority when laughing, though…
Her hair.

Sica… looks bored… once again.

Aw, another cute one! Love it.

Show, show, show ’em how you dance!

So as everyone left already, only Seo Hyun stayed back
to help the staff and put things back to where they were.
.. Then she hops to the rest of the group, cutie pie~


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