100208 Sukira; Kiss the Radio

No Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, or Yuri.

” O h ! ~ “

“Star, Star, Star”

“Martian Virus (Boys & Girls)”

Hello, Shikshin Soo Young!

Yo, Popping Queen Hyo Yeon!

Who will the cameraman choose as his fav?
That’s right. This man’s heart will never change.

Tae Yeon: “Yo! Yo cam-man. I’m right here.
I think you meant to choose me!”

Thumbs up, yo.

This was a cute moment…
Even if it did look like a light slap ^^

Yah, love triangle? Notice Soo Young all
up on Eunhyuk, and Hyo pushing Soo Young.
Jealousy in the air? Jay kay. Jay kay.

Aw, cute.. Looking good.. Nicely.. NO! T_T

I suddenly miss my Kang-Yeon…

A lot of cute YoonTae moments.

This has to be the all-time CUTEST, though!

Even cute cute cute poses. Yah.. stop it, girls.

At least we know 2 out of the 4 are normal.

Random Cuts + Outro

2 thoughts on “100208 Sukira; Kiss the Radio

  1. hi there mel. remember me? ^^ im unknowntoyou from ssf. ^^

    thanks for the gifs and same here i miss kangyeon. I think Kangin asked Eeteuk to take care Taeyeon for him. xD

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