{News} SHINee Heading to Cambodia

When: February 23, 2010 @ 7:00 PM
Olympic Stadium Indoor Arena

Yes, that’s right, SHINee! SHINee coming to Cambodia!
Now, I am cambodian, but I was the only one in my family born in the US.
I still consider Cambodia my hometown, though. So SHINee going
to Cambodia makes me feel so honored, haha. First, Beast’s leader headed
to Cambodia, and now SHINee? This is like awesome. Who’s next?!

40 thoughts on “{News} SHINee Heading to Cambodia

  1. Wowwwww, It the best news over the whole world. I live in Cambodia. And I like SHINee so much. SHINee is the best and forever in my heart.
    Thank you so much SHINee, Thanks that you come to my country. ^_^

  2. Hello! i’m SHINee Fan who live in Thailand.

    i really want to go to the concert overthere,

    but i don’t know where the concert hall is.

    would u mind if i go with u?

    so please add me an e-mail and msn.Thank you

    (my e-mail : c_andiez_p@hotmail.com)

  3. Hello! I really very happy when I know SHINee is coming to Cambodia. I think it’ll have suprise in that day. SHINee I LOVE YOU so much. From Bom norng Cambodian and I’m SHINee’s fan. (^!^)

  4. ha ha ha …….. i’m very very very happy because Shinee go to my country . i’m from Cambodia and i’m a fans Shinee . i think Shinee maybe go to see Angkor Vat …. my school have fans Shinee Maybe 895 people . we’re really go to watch concert heart to heart .

  5. Wow, Tuesday the 23rd ah I have no class at university. Can go then, need to gather my shinee’s fan friends huy. SHINee is shining in phnom penh!!!!

  6. I am feel so happy happy that I know shinee visit cambodia and have a show.Now i am trying to study Korea and English because i want to communicate with shinee member.
    shinee shinee i like you !!!!!

  7. it very awsome… wowo hoho SHINee. yes so cool, v love u SHINEee. Thx for hav perfomer at our country Cambodia. i love all SM entertainment, n i hope to see SNSD SJ soon.

  8. OH hello shinee I am so like like your team.I always wait 23 Feb to see you all shinee.shinee shinee
    I am your fan.Onew Jonghyun Minho Teamin Key I like you I like you!!!!!!!!!! shinee shinee i like you all.

  9. I LOVE SHINee! i`m feel so excited when i heard they come to have concert at Cambodia. now i prepared already to join at concert. SHINee you know? now in my hand have your concert ticket hay! Ya HOoooo!!! O.o

  10. Im a SHINee’s fan. m very happy to see u in Cambodia. We love u SHINee.

    Ring ding dong…Ring ding dong!!

  11. Im going to see SHINee at de concert … i got a seat in zone A .. in front of de stage .. haha and de ticket is so cheap .. only 5$ .. oooohhh

  12. I agree with you blogger! I’m born in the US but knowing shinee’s going to cambodia.. AWESOMNESS!!! (jumps for joy)

  13. Xoxo SHINee will go to cambodia ! Where cambodia ? I really want to go there too but we production is different ! I think that next time i and my group will go there soon ok all fan SHINee . From New Evolution Of 21 Century

  14. He he he ot sok 70 te . I buy ticket SHINee ban a color gold . He he na ke 70 la or change ticket knea na .

  15. OMG finally a korean concert in cambodia…..too bad I can’t go T_T I’m cambodian but I don’t live in cambodia. >_< I hope that the cambodians cheer because I've seen so many cambodian concerts and the audience is soo dead lol

  16. SHINee SHINee… i really love it>_<. it's awsome. it's so proud of cambodian who's shinee fans…me too. I really want to go to the concert too but unfortunately i busy and no time to buy the ticket! I think that next time i and my group will go there soon ok all fan SHINee enjoy it. love u forever SHINee….. hope 1 day i'll see u. key oppa

  17. could anybody tell me how many types of the tickets ? i heard some got the gold tickeets and some in zone A and ect…. what is it?

  18. Heeey all Shinee Fans make some good videos from the concert!
    I want see them do the concert in Cambodia wahh! ^^


  19. I’m very happy that Shinee come to Cambodia and I hope they will go to visit Angkor wat temple too. I am fan Shinee and I love Shinee. I’m alway listen their song ! And I wait new album too !!

  20. SHINee SHINee>>> saranghae!!! i’m very surprise wen i hear shinee cum to Cambodia.!!! YEahhh i’m fan shinee too i luv dem.. esp Taemin oppa!!! bobo naeyoo oppa???? hee hee ~~~~i luv song JOJO so muz!!!! n i think one day oppa will cum to my country again …!!! saranghae oppa… i luv all of u!!!!!

  21. GO! GO! GO! SHINee… Cambodian fans are on your side… Love SHINee so much,specaily Minho and Key…(^^)

  22. Shinee, i heard al friends said that u weren’t happy when coming to Cambodia is that true? Y? And Taemin y u didn’t say anything u look so lonely

  23. U’re older than me 2 years u was born in 1993 and i was born in1995. i hope to see u again but u lived in korea but i’m just Cambodian. I want to be ur sister. have brother good like u is my luck

  24. love u so much. U sang a song called jo jo is so handsome. And onew i also like u too. i’m ur fan!

  25. SHINee why don’t you bring a smile to Cambodian fans? You hate Cambodian people??? I was the one who try so hard to buy a concert’s ticket. I never did this before that trying to buy it by myself that including a very crowded people because I strongly hope I could see your smile and laugh in a real sound. But at the end what do i got??? Nothing! beside your carelessly face and no smile at all. WHY? SHINee tell us ok? I hope some days you will see this question on this web page and make a good reply for Cambodian fans. I strongly believe you’d understand how we feel??? If i were you and i did this to you,how do you feel if someone you really like did that to you. Anyway wish you success all your works and study.GO GO SHINee…

  26. I like Shinee so much, I’m them fan in Cambodia. I try to buy the ticket but it all out. I’m so regreat. Now a day where are you? Have you gone to Ankor Wat? Ankor Wat is the simple of Cambodia so i hope you will go. You know when you’re smile you”re so lovely. You should smile alot alot……

  27. I like Shinee so much, I’m them fan in Cambodia.i’m a girl 15 year old. I try to buy the ticket but it all out. I’m so regreat. Now a day where are you? Have you gone to Ankor Wat? Ankor Wat is the simple of Cambodia so i hope you will go. You know when you’re smile you”re so lovely. You should smile alot alot……

  28. I want SHINee come again. I very want. I Love SHINee don’t known to time na ta. I have birthday the same Taemin is at 18.07:JULY. I born 1996. Taemin born 1993. Taemin > sasa 3 year. I very love SHINee. From SaSa Love SHINee.

  29. Annyeong!!!
    I’m vanseka i’m them fan in Cambodia i really love SHINee Oppa ONew& key One day i hope you see my mail i love u the most bcoz you friendly but i love Taemin Minho jonghyun 2. I want SHINee come Cambodia again&again.ONEW so cool Minho so fantastic Key so Elastic Jonghyun so sexy Taemin so young.

  30. SHINEE how sad of u guys to look down on cambodia ppl imagine our people look down on ur country how would u fell even if u really didn’t enjoy it at least just pretend and not to show it and not act out that we are poor and u guys don’t even want to talk to as You’re saying that we’re poor and low but when u guys act like this it shows that you’re even poor and lower than us so as one of the people in Cambodia i give your band an advice please don’t act like that to any country because your band is so gonna fail in your career if u ever do that

    Even the peoples who use to like you would now hate you more than shit thats all i’m trying to say sorry for any wrong or harsh words but that is how you show and act to us Cambodia

  31. i love shinee so much and i always hope that shinee will come again to my wonder country.love u so much.never hopeless to wait u to come.

  32. please don’t say that shinee look down cambodia. yeah it’s really that some of shinee group didn’t smile, but onew, taemin, key they did smile to all fan. i never think that shinee look down cambodia. i think maybe we didn’t know what they feeling. so you should know all about shinee feeling if u are fan of shinee. i’m a cambodia big fan of shinee. i really love them…

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