Chin Chin 100205

Finally, got around to working on this.
Yay for SNSD comeback! I’m so happy ❤

“Day by Day” (w/ SNSD)

“Talk to Me” (w/ JeTi)

“Oh!” (w/ SNSD)

(first week of February)

Hello, Hyo Yeon. Hello, Yoona.

Hello, Sica …. *_*

Jittery Sica, and cool Hyo.

Anyoung, Tiffany!!

Cute! Sica’s tongue, keke ❤

Bubble face Sica, ftw!

Pouty face Sica, ftw!

It’s their jerseys!

What the heck is she doing? o_O

What a cutie pie still ^^

Abusive, much?

No matter what, this girl = L.O.V.E ❤

Sica’s attacking Yoona! Ahh!~

But it’s all good in the end~

Intro / Outro


D O W N L O A D x L I N K

100205 Chin Chin – “Day by Day” (w/ SNSD)

100205 Chin Chin – “Talk to Me (w/ SNSD’s Jessica & Tiffany)

100205 Chin Chin – “Oh!” (w/ SNSD)

3 thoughts on “Chin Chin 100205

  1. Thanks a lot for making cute gifs, Mellerz. I always enjoy your selections! but sometimes WordPress just don’t let me post my words of thanks. T_T

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