Chin Chin 100120

4Men! 4Men! 4Men!
I love these boys. Their voices are phenomenal!
See for yourselves ❤

“Go Baek [Confession]” & “I Can’t” (w/ 4Men)

“Baby, Baby” (w/ 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae)

Shin Yong Jae. Your vocals are amajjing.

(third week of January)

Tae Yeon unnie, is your bangs getting too long?

Taeng? Taeng?! Where are- Oh, there you are…

Tell me she doesn’t look 5 years old here!

It’s official, Tae Yeon needs to cut her bangs.
Yes? No?

Cute Taengoo, Saranghaeyo Forever ❤

Tae Yeon Smells Her Food Before Eating?


D O W N L O A D x L I N K

100120 4Men – “Go Baek [Confession]” & “I Can’t”

100120 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae – “Baby, Baby”


I’m very sad because… 4Men didn’t perform my favorite song from them!
“Ttok Ttok Ttok” – Listen to the song, now. You’ll love it!

Credit goes to RIZKYYx @ youtube

One thought on “Chin Chin 100120

  1. totally agree! i absolutely love Ttok Ttok Ttok too!n Shin Yong Jae’s voice is amajjing! these guys are so underrated.
    i wish someday tae will do a duet with him. it would be awesome yo!

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