JYP, Wonder Girls, 2PM, “Heartbeat” – What?

A video was recently released showing JYP recording 2PM’s hit single,
“Heartbeat” with the Wonder Girls in the same room.
Now, all you can see is the back of JYP though, and
the Wonder Girls (minus Sun who is off on the side)
ends up imitating their boss and trying to hold their laughter in.
Check out the video itself! Yubin @ 0:42 is super hilarious XD

Wonder how JYP reacted after seeing this, hahaha ❤

One thought on “JYP, Wonder Girls, 2PM, “Heartbeat” – What?

  1. LOL!!!!
    Love Yoobin impersonating him xD and how the other girls are just sitting their giggling haha.
    Mellerz, this is what u must look like when you’re recording (backview) ahhahaha xD Dude i wanna be there when you record now just to do what these girls did hehehe. Just kidding!!! ❤

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