Happy 100th Day to F(x)!

*Updated with Subs*

Yes! It’s been 100 days since their debut and I’m so proud of them!
Look at how much they accomplished and how successful they’ve become.
Seriously, I’ve never seen a group debut so victoriously fast XD
Let’s hear what F(x)’s Sulli, Krystal, and Amber has to say!

Video credit goes to JAMJOOsubs @ youtube

Don’t worry, when it gets subbed, I’ll be sure to put it up.
I do not know where Victoria and Luna were, but weren’t these three
still super cute? From their dorky ways to Amber’s “i look good” ways.
Haha, once again, congratulations to F(x)! Saranghae!

One thought on “Happy 100th Day to F(x)!

  1. Lol that video was kinda awkwardly cute.
    How they weren’t sure of what to say and stuff.
    And you can totally see the love triangle or whatever there.
    Krystal with her hubby and boyfriend haha xD
    It was cute at the end when they didnt have anything else to say but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! haha
    Gah i ❤ F(x) and their youthfulness xD

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