[MV] Super Generation – Seoul Song

Yes, SNSD and Super Junior has teamed up to turn the CF
into an actual MV! Should’ve known this was coming sooner or later.
Check out the ‘couples’ that were made during the storyline, too!

[MV] SNSD & Super Junior –
Seoul Song

Video credit goes to Koreanaddict003 @ youtube

Did you find all the couplings in there? Now, with that said, I must ask…

Is your favorite couple not one of the choices?
Reply to the post stating which two you wanted to see pair up!
(Man, they should’ve put Sunny and Sungmin together…
I wished they had Kangin in there! Kangin and Tae Yeon T_T <3)

Remember to check out the gifs in the full post!

Now, I don’t know about ya’ll, but the Tae Yeon and Siwon plus
the Sunny and Shin Dong couple was just random and awkward for me, LOL.
My favorite in the MV was Kyuhyun and Seo Hyun! Omo, so cute! ❤


Nothing will ever beat the true love between Kangin and Tae Yeon.
Kangin + Tae Yeon = Kang-Yeon = L-O-V-E!!!

9 thoughts on “[MV] Super Generation – Seoul Song

  1. haha definitely SeoKyu! too adorable to resist and both looked so shy which is even more ❤

  2. nooooo i want kangin T_T
    but we have too wait this mv is not the
    official one ….this one leaked on the net =O
    kekeke sones r hackers XD
    anyways….i luv seokyu bcuz they have “purity”
    in my eyes they r a great couple and both have great voices!!
    i like taengoo alone or w/ kangin XD…just kidding
    just give more screen time to yesunggie and eunhyuk please!! ….suju and soshi ftw!! ❤

  3. TAESU IS MUCH BETTER!!!! i mean i like KANGYEON couple too BUT i still prefer the TAESU couple! xD

  4. Unfortunately, I do not have a rar file. Only way to save them is one by one because the images are deleted once uploaded.

  5. Lol i picked the Maknae couple!
    They were too cute together…i didnt really expect this pairing but they’re adorable.
    I woulda liked Sunny x Sungmin too but then Jessica and Sungmin was cute haha and Sunny x Shindong was funny but cute xD
    Love the animations buddy~!

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