Chin Chin 091202

Nadia was one of the guest for the show!
Seriously, they’re really good and have a lot of potential.
Sadly, I fear they are going to be very underrated.
Nadia, hwaiting!

“Paralysis” (w/ Nadia)

M to M was the other guest on the show.
I haven’t heard of this before, but they are quite good too!
Check out their performance below of their new single.

“Salt Under Your Nose Tip” (w/ M to M)

(first week of December)

Tae Yeon is all like “yo, yo, yo!”

And now she’s all like “Grrrr”

And then she was all like “The end”

… Yeah, that’s all the caps I made. lmfao …

“I Want It That Way” (Cover by M to M)

“Mister/Just the Two of Us”
(Cover by Nadia)


D O W N L O A D x L I N K

091202 Nadia – “Paralysis”

091202 Nadia – “Mister / Just the Two of Us” (cover)

091202 M to M – “Salt Under Your Nose Tip”

091202 M to M – “I Want It That Way” (cover)


SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

Tae Yeon’s Awkward Laugh
and Big Eyes

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