[Side Story] Onew’s Afraid of Minho?

So, I saw these pictures of SHINee in their thread @ soompi.
Then, a storyline just popped into my head ^^ Ready?

Onew: “I’ve never seen a girl up close before…”
Onew: “Oh, look. A male species, too..”
Jonghyun: “Yo.. There’s a huge Minho behind Onew. Kekek”

Key: “*GASP* Hyung! Don’t turn around! Don’t turn around!”
Onew: “Hm?”
Taemin: “Oh, no. T_T There’s a huge face of Minho behind us, isn’t there? Don’t look, don’t look >.<“
Onew: “What? Heh, Minho’s face? Behind me? Haha. Oh, jeez”
Onew: “*nervous* Ma’am, can you please check if there’s a huge Minho head behind me? … “










Minho: ????

I don’t know. Can somebody tell me what’s so scary about Minho? LOL.

I know that if I turned around and saw a huge picture of Sica behind me,
I’d probably jack the poster and put it up on my wall to keep forever ^^

Special shout out to Natasha because she asked for it ❤

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