Chin Chin 091118

Tae Yeon looked so warm and cuddly, today, in her bundle of layers.
She must be getting sick. The weather must be so cold there, now.

SNSD’s “Baby, Baby”

U-Kiss’s “Man Man Ha Ni”

SS501’s “Love Like This”

SeeYa’s “His Voice”

(third week of November)

Hehe, her reaction was cuteee ^^

Cutest shaking of the head, imo.

What.. In the world.. Is that contraption?

Did candy just come out of there?

Crumb, fell! Crumb, fell! Pick it up!

For some reason, I felt like she saw Shin Young.

This was super duper adorable XD

Good luck in your first concert, Tae!

SNSD, hwaiting!!! ❤

Those who are going to SNSD’s first solo concert, have fun!

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