Chin Chin 091111

Tae Yeon was sooo perky and hyper, today. I LOVED IT!

4Minute’s “What A Girl Wants”

SS501’s “Love Like This”

(second week of November)

Psst, do you wanna see Tae Yeon’s stomach? Yeah. Yeah, I know you do.

Tae Yeon’s Tummy!!!

Oh, no! Tae Yeon’s sick! Poor Taengoo ❤

Aw, she needs more sleep T_T

… My favorite yawn/stretch from her yet …

Oh, she got food. She’s awake, now.

This is how you know she loves food ^^

Omo! Cute, cute, CUTE yawn!

Okay, kinda killed the cute image, Tae.

SNSD’s “Himnae”

Tae Yeon Sings The High Notes

10 thoughts on “Chin Chin 091111

  1. Those are my favs: almond and chocolate coated Peppero sticks!!

    I recognised the box color and those delicious pretzels! ^_^

    Tae’s absolutely adorable with the hoodie!

    I wonder how she stays so slim?

    I guess a hyper kid has higher metabolism rate! *lol*

  2. I really adore her. Tae is honestly better than a box of chocolates haha. Her actions are so random and dorky, but that’s what draws people to her. Kid leader = ❤

    By the way, I've been a long-time lurker of your site and I really enjoy all the updates you post up. Keep up the awesome work Mellerz!

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