Chin Chin 091106

I know, Bora is usually on Wednesday, but not this week.
This week’s Bora was actually for Friday.

F(x)’s “Chu~” (w/ Tae Yeon)

“Miss, Miss, and Miss” (w/ K.Will)

(first week of November)

Oh, and I think Tae Yeon is trying to
hint us something about their comeback…

Ahnyoung! .. Put a smile on, Tae!

Is it good? Of course, food makes you happy, right?

Facial expression time!

Tae Yeon! Where’d you go? .. Tae?

“Whee! Let’s do that again!”

“Hey… Hey, you’re blocking me!!”

What a mighty bubble face that is XD

Tae Yeon, they want you. Over in the other room.
“Huh? Me? Oh, okay… I’ll be back! …I’ll take this…”

Hurry, Tae! Hurry! Show’s back!
Ouuu, made it just in time 😉

The end

Tae Yeon Wants Short Hair?
(091106 Chin Chin)

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