GD Caught Plagarizing… By SNSD? (Neitzens Overexaggerates)

This is the most craziest thing I’ve heard (Well, not really, but yeah)
I don’t know if you guys have heard the song before.
But in GD’s “The Leaders” song featuring Teddy of 1Tym and CL of 2NE1,
there is one line in the song that GD sings…
“My name is Gee- Gee- Gee- Gee, Baby- Baby- Baby
G-D, G-D, Baby- Baby- Baby”

And because of that Neitzens are claiming the song was plagiarized
or even ‘poking fun’ at SNSD. Seriously, why are neitzens
making a big deal of EVERY LITTLE THING?

Personally, I LOVE this song. The specific line starts at 0:56

video credits goes to GirlBaller199 @ youtube

Tae Yeon vs. Teddy Bear: Who’s Cuter?

I wasn’t going to to post this, but might as well.

More pictures in the full post!

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[Comic] The Similarities Between Yuri and Sunny

Boring weekend. Very boring. It’s raining in my neck of the woods. Gloomy.
Dug up this old ‘comic’, I guess you can say, that I PS’d a long time ago.
Thought I’d share for good old times sake.

Oh, and speaking of Yuri.. She was hot on Music Core, today. Wasn’t she? ^^
(Let’s not forget how GORJESS Sica looked. Gosh, so beautiful <3)