Happy Birthday to Tiffany + Announcements

First of all,

Happy Birthday to Tiffany!

So, she is now 20 (21 in Korea).
Date of birth – August 1, 1989.
I’m so proud of her. She’s grown so much.

After hearing all the news of her sharing her story about her mother during Kim Jung Eun’s ‘Chocolate,’ I’m so stoked yet nervous to see it. This will be the first time she actually does so, right? What a grown woman.

If you haven’t heard about it before, go here.
Staff Blog Entry After Filming SNSD on KJE’s ‘Chocolate’
from soshified.com


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SNSD Sings Kara

I come home, and this is what I see.
Ahh, beautiful Kara Generation.
(hmph, i miss wonder generation)

credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

LOL @ the dude next to Seo Hyun. Poor girl, having to be next to him.
And Soo Young’s high note during “Pretty Girl” was jjang. Go, girl!
By the way, “Rock U” is such a Sunny song XD

Yet, for some reason. I don’t like their voices that much for Kara songs.
Maybe Kara should just sing Kara and SNSD should just sing SNSD.
But if it was the Wonder Girls.. Then, that’s a totally different story..

I’m so Wonder Generation biased.

Kara Full Album Preview – Vol. 2 Revolution

credit: elaisfangirl @ youtube

Kara 카라 Vol. 2 – Revolution
01. 미스터 (Mister)
02. Wanna (Title Song)
03. 마법 (Magic)
04. 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly)
05. Let It Go
06. Take A Bow
07. AHA
08. 똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart)
09. Wanna (Instrumental)
10. 마법 (Magic) (Instrumental)


It’s official, the cute girls has evolved into sexy ladies.
(click images for full view – new pictures under the cut)

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090729 Shim Shim Ta Pa

No Chin Chin, today, but gosh. Shim Shim Ta Pa was something to look for.
And all those Jonghyun + Sica couple fanatics. This was definitely your show.
They sang the song “Sexy Love” in their own style and like.. (So jealous)
There were cute moments and then other moments that made me wan’ scream, haha. In a good, way I guess. Anyways, just check it out for yourself.

SHINee’s Jonghyun + SNSD’s Sica – “Sexy Love” (cover)

Jonghyun then, performed a solo cover of Jeong Yeop’s “You Are My Lady” while Super Junior’s Ryeowook” did a cover of Jaurim’s “Magic Carpet Ride”

SHINee’s Jonghyun – “You Are My Lady” (cover)

Super Junior’s Ryewook – “Magic Carpet Ride” (cover)

Aigoo, so many JongSic moments. More cuts + gifs to come.

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090728 Park Myung Soo’s Summer Special

This might be the best radio special thing ever! Haha. Dang, like all the best guests were there to perform. Well, except for one rocker dude I excluded. But the majority of them are awesome (such as SNSD’s Jessica, SHINee, SNSD’s Jessica, 8eight, SNSD’s Jessica, Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD’s Jessica, etc..)

Park Myung Soo & Sica – “Naengmyun”

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