Kangin Visits Chin Chin!

I don’t know exactly when this was, but who cares. It’s Kang-Yeon once again!
LOL! I know it had to be sometime this week, though (of course).
Oh, Kangin Oppa. Why must you dye your hair? You look like an ahjussi, now.
Be careful before Tae Yeon ends up calling you Kangin Ahjussi!

Notice how she can’t let go of his arm, and the smile on their faces is L-O-V-E

LOL! I love Tae’s facial expression here! ❤
Kang-Yeon’s face is like “Heechul, stop trying to get in between us!”
And Heechul.. Well, he looks almost scared XD

Tae Yeon: *pouts* “.. I- I want Kangin, not you..”

Don’t be mistaken. Kangin is not coming back on Chin Chin as a DJ.
He just came to visit the studio. (Don’t worry, I wish he was too)

[Project2Mel] SHINee – Juliette


[MV] SHINee – Juliette (PARODY)

It was VERY hard to do the timing on this video considering on how fast the song is.
Major props to our timer, Melly! You’re the best, bestie! ♥

Minho has been caught red-handed eating jewels and this MV answers every question you might have. What is up with the new clothes? What is up with those glasses? Why did Minho did surgery on his nose? .. Yes ..

**Make sure you have reading skills..
subs may get fast near the end..
and in the rap, LOL**

lyrics provided by Mellerz (me)
subbed video provided by Melly

(we are not anti’s)

Chin Chin 090513 + (Project2Mel)

Hmm. Boring week.
Only good part on Chin Chin was the end where
Tae holds up Kangin’s picture from Suju’s album XD

(second week of May)

And what is this “Project2Mel” as it says in the title?
Basically, my best friend (Melly) and I (Mellerz) have been planning to start creating parodies of music videos just for fun. Our first video is included at the end of this post as a ‘bonus’ I guess you can say. Feedback would be nice and you can also subscribe to my youtube channel
where I upload Chin Chin cuts and our project videos.
And if you don’t get why we chose the name Project2Mel by now…
Well, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

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