Kangin’s Last Farewell on Chin Chin

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(Hun, you are jjang!)

Because of his tight schedule, Kang In had to step down as the DJ of the radio show called, “Kang In and Tae Yeon’s Chin Han Chin Gu”. This left fans really sad.

Last Sunday (19th), Kang In did a farewell broadcast, and during the broadcast, fans had to listen Kang In crying and left fans really sad. Also, during the broadcast, DJ Tae Yeon also teared up really hard.

It reminded the fans when Kang In won his award in the event, “MBC TV Entertainment Awards”, and also that day, he teared up.

Other than the staffs and Tae Yeon, Kang In did final farewell to the fans.

At the end, Kang In said, “When I come back next time, I wish I could get along with the fans more longer.” And, he said,”I love you, fans and thank you”. And then, he said, “During the times here, I’m glad that I had producer hyung, and nunas and Tae Yeon with me”.

So therefore, starting the 20th, Tae Yeon will be broadcasting as a solo DJ.

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And today (22nd) was actually Tae Yeon’s first bora alone.
(Well, technically it isn’t, but you know what I mean.
Officially as a now solo DJ)

Oh, and Yoona stopped by near the end of the show too.
Expect updates to be posted two days earlier since I’m on vacation,
I’ll have a little more time on my hands.

Chin Chin 090415

The 15th… The last bora for Kangin that day. I sure miss him already.
He’s officially done with DJ’ing, now…

Thanks so much for everything! I will be back!
“Thanks so much for everything! I will be back!”

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Kangin’s Last Day @ Chin Chin

It’s been a while since I capped so many scenes, but it’s worth it.
Every single moment. Cherish each Kang-Yeon moment.
Tae Yeon’s recent ‘diary entry’ on Chin Chin is posted at the end of the post. Be sure to read it ❤

(third week of April)

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090410 SNSD’s New Miero CF

SNSD has a new CF out. Miero.. a drink? LOL
Anyways, two different versions are out. I like the one with Sunny.
She made me laugh out loud. She’s so cute XD

 Miero CF (Version 1)

Miero CF (Version 2)

credit: Music4U101 @ youtube

GIFS from the CF, BTS, and more in the rest of the post.
Also, there’s a poll on which version you liked better. Pick your favorite!

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090407: Kangin Leaves Chin Chin (Confirmed)

*edit* They post-poned his leaving to the 20th being a week later.


So, it is official
It has been announced that Kangin will be leaving Chin Chin on the 12th this month. 
The decision was made so Kangin can focus more on Super Junior’s comeback along with “We Got Married” and his hectic schedule with other events.

Now, this rumor has been going on for a while.  So it wasn’t like I didn’t expect it in the first place.  I’m just so saddened.  They totally broke up my Kang-Yeon couple! Not to mention that this decision somewhat makes no sense at all.  Tae Yeon has a crazy schedule on her hands too, plus she’s the lead vocal in the group.  She got to rest.  I’m not saying that she should’ve left too, but c’mon.  How is Kangin’s reason any different from Tae Yeon with the girl’s comeback? 
My mind is going crazy.  Excuse me.

In addition, Tae Yeon will continue to run Chin Chin the next following day, being the 13th. 
No other DJ was picked to be her partner, so she will be a solo DJ for the time being.

May I continue ranting, now?  Well, since Tae Yeon is still hosting Chin Chin, I still have a reason to continue Chin Chin postings.  I don’t know how I will get used to this.  I can’t even imagine who her new partner will be in the near future.  Hopefully, Kangin will come back soon? (Doubt it, *tears*)


In other news, Jung Hyungdon and Tae Yeon will be leaving “We Got Married.”  It’s true, two bad news in a row.  Well, I should be happy about this, but I liked seeing the two on the show I admit.  Okay, I mostly like seeing Tae on the show, but still.  It was entertaining.  I feel so bad because… Well… Did you hear that Jung Hyundon is officially dating a writer?  Imagine how Tae Yeon felt after hearing that. 

Do not think that is the reason why the couple is leaving the show. 
The producers has already announced beforehand that they were dropping couples from “We Got Married.”  Now, I wonder if she really had a connection for the Hyungdon or if it was all for televison, but whatever.  Tae Yeon ah ❤

(Hey, this is the chance for Tae Yeon to interfere with KangJi and get her man back *wink-wink* JUST KIDDING!  I love Kangin and Yoonji couple, too.  Aigoo.  Tae Yeon.. just stick to loving your SNSD. 

Oh, my b. Wrong couple picture 😉


Sorry, for the ridiculously long post. 
 ♥ If you wanna see more pics, visit the full post. ♥

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Chin Chin 090401

Uhm… Not much to say for this week’s Chin Chin.
Probably because not much happened. May Doni won the…
Star Battle.. Weekly competition.. thing. LOL, so she left that day.

Only interesting part for me was when Suju members stopped by XD
Donghae, Heechul and Kyuhyun. It was such a cute moment ^__^

(first week of April)

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