[MV] SNSD – Gee (Dance Version 2)

Oh, yeah. I’m sure we’ve all seen the other ‘colorful’ dance version, but I was waiting for
this ‘white background’ version to come out. I love this particular scene
and I’m glad they finally came out with this version!

SNSD – Gee (Dance Version 2)

credit; gianbok @ youtube


Oh, and look at this new picture that popped up…
Kara finally went on Chin Chin!!! Yesh!
One of my favorite Chin Chin Radio pics, now.

Look at Tae pointing to Jiyoung in the second picture,
and Kangin pretending like he’s on the phone (?) Haha.

…Now, if only there was a group picture of SNSD, Kara, and Wonder Girls…

Chin Chin 090218

Not much this week. The Chin Chin DJ’s were sleeping most of the show.
Those two need more rest.

Tae Yeon’s schedule must be jam packed for Gee promotion and
every other variety show the girls are on plus We Got Married.

Then, we got Kangin who’s getting ready for his comeback with
Super Junior in March for their ‘sexy’ concept?
Oh, and he’s finishing up WGM too, no?

(third week of February)

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Kara’s Honey MV

I don’t know about you guys, but this song is growing fast on me.
Music Video finally come out and… Well, check it out ^__^
(yay yay yay nicole yay yay yay seungyeon yay yay yay)

[MV] Kara – Honey

credit: kara0329 @ youtube

With the release of the music video, of course I had to go and make caps. 
There’s over 75 GIFS under the cut. So visit the rest of the post.

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Chin Chin 090211

Yup, yup. New banner as you can see. I was thinking of putting one up before,
but didn’t really come around to it until now. Watcha think? Yes, it had to be that picture. C’mon.
It shows Wonder Generation plus it was during my favorite radio show, Chin Chin of course!


 Now, we shall continue with this week’s Chin Chin.
I made a little cut of the two while “Sunset Glow” was playing.
Kang-Yeon was darn cute during the song. Check it out!

090211 Chin Chin – Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow”

(second week of February)

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Chin Chin 090128 & 090129

Sorry if I was late in updating this. I’ve been busy with tons of other gifs.
Plus, school and homework and night class and blah blah blah.

Anyways, Chin Chin was bora twice this past week.
With a special surprise guest appearance on the 28th, LOL
(found out who in the rest of the post)

(fourth week of January)



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