Happy New Years!

Since I will not be home when New Years hit.
I’m wishing everybody a Happy New Years now.
Celebrate the good times and reminisc on the past.
Hope the new years brings many more memories.

With that being said, I’ll leave you with everyone’s favorite..

W  O  N  D  E  R  B  A  N  G  !

081231 MBC Gayo Dajeun – Wonder Bang
credit: CodeAnalysis @ youtube

081229 SBS Gayo Dajeun: Full of Wonder

Davich, Tae Yeon (SNSD), Sun Ye (Wonder Girls)
performs “Stand Up For Love”
credit; brandoaa2000 @ youtube

At first, Tae Yeon didn’t ‘wow’ me as much.
I’ll give her a pass since she’s probably still sick.
Then, Sun Ye came in and brought the stage to a whole new level.
After that, everybody brought their game up.
Second half of performance, Tae Yeon finally showed her stuff.
The ending is beautiful. That’s all that’s needed to be said on that.


Wonder Boys performs “Kissing You” and “Nobody”
(Shin Dong, Sung Min, Seung Ri, Tae Min, Jo Kwon)
credit; CodeAnalysis @ youtube

I have no comment on this really.
I think everything speaks for itself ^__^


Wonder Girls performs Nobody (remix)
credit; nwa1998 @ youtube

Well, aren’t you in for a treat. Beginning was unexpected.
However, I still found it quite interesting.
Love the remix and the clothes switch up. Very cool.
@ 3:37-3;40. You can see Taeyeon singing/clapping along.


*Note: Chin Chin is finally bora again tomorrow (081230)
… Poor Tae Yeon, she must be dead tired ❤



BOA is BACK!!! “Eat You Up” & “Look Who’s Talking”
credit; CodeAnalysis @ youtube

Seriously, is any comments even needed for this?
Yay, BOA! Love, Love, Love ♥

Music Bank Special Stage 081226

Okay, so uhm. Have you guys seen the special stage on Music Bank?
I’m pretty sure you have. Uhm, what to say. Hmm…

That is the first time I am saying that, so take note.

credit; brandoaa2000 @ youtube

Sure, the girls didn’t seem to be in sync.
Sure, the girls seemed like they practiced individually.
Sure, others were shy to show off their ‘sexy.’
I don’t think it was the best special stage, but it was something.

Maybe I’m just still spazzing on how
HOT Taeyeon looked to notice anything else. 

 edit; so okay. i found out taeyeon was sick.
during ‘rehearsal,’ sun ye was taking care of her.
cute right? in the ‘rehearsal’ video, you can see in the
beginning of the video, the leaders smiled at eachother ^_^
if you wanna watch that, click HERE <—
overall, the video just made me crack up more of the time
cause of tae laughing in the first half and the fans in the bg

Oh yeah. Hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! XD

Chin Chin 081216

Finally was able to get around to this.
Now, I’m able to get this back on track.
This was from last Tuesday, however…
The show wasn’t as fun as usual T___T

(third week of December)


…I’m surprised on the amount of Kangin GIFS…
Christmas will past the next time I update this.
In that case, I’ll see you next week and until then
Merry Christmas to all lurkers! 😉

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