SNSD’s Dance Battle CF?

I guess you can say that. It’s for Gubne.
Their little chicken commercial turned into
a somewhat dance battle. Cutest thang ever.
The full CF isn’t out yet, but I can’t wait for it!

The Making of Gubne CF 0 8.11.18

credit goes to Liz99bb @ youtube

Gubne Chicken CF (Dance Battle) -PREVIEW-

credit goes to Iceyzx @ youtube

many… MANY GIFS under the cut
i did NOT cap every little scene
.. so don’t think i did .. LOL
(i’m serious though)

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Wonder Girl’s New Reality Show Competes with SNSD’s Factory Girl?

Being the Wonder Generation shipper that I am,
I sure hope not, but then again .. this may be interesting
So you guys know SNSD’s reality show on Mnet
“Factory Girl” about them becoming fashion editors
and whatnot, but what’s this? Wonder Girls?

(click picture for larger image)

Yes, Wonder Girl’s coming out with a new reality show
Set out for November 5th, 6:30 PM KST on Mnet
Show is called “Wonder Bakery” and to be honest
Doesn’t sound half as good as Factory Girl
Wonder Bakery is about the girls becoming patissiers?
Actually more along the lines of pairing up with those
who want to become a master pastry chef or whatever

Mnet these days .. coming out with the most
.. unique shows .. nah, just kidding .. i think

R A N D O M ♥ P I C T U R E

a really old picture might i add,
but i sure love wonder girls and
i sure love kangin ❤