Wonder Generation FTW ♥

to prove to those who don’t believe
Wonder Generation is real people ❤

Wonder Girls on MNET My Favorite ;
Dancing to Girl’s Generation

might be a useless post to some
but i’m all for Wonder Generation =)


B O N U S ;

Why is Yoobin so good at being sexy?

wanna see more from the rest of the girls
then click the link below =)

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Chin Chin 081001

i know Chin Chin was bora twice this week ?
but i rely on the beloved Soshified to get the Chin Chin vids now
i guess tae was not dj’ing on the 2nd ?
so i don’t have any source for the video, sorry
it doesn’t matter cuz this wednesday was THE BOMB
DBSK, and i saw Yunho and Kangin love, ahh!
i think i almost went overboard on caps LMAO


C h i n C h i n 0 8 1 0 0 1
(first week of October) 


(kangin, shave that little subtle thing of yours boo)

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