It’s My Birthday !!!

Well on the 15th (september) which is like tomoro –
but since i’m in school half the time
I might as well post now, right ? How old you ask ?
Well, i’m not telling you.

sweet 16 baby

I didn’t want to leave this post short either , therefore
have you guys watched SUJU’s Every1 Idol ? ❤
that show is love , seriously. current addiction.
Who is my favorite couple as of right now ?
I just saw a little cut with . . . . . . .

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Welcome to a Wonder Generation!

I love K-Pop , yes i do . I love K-Pop , how about you ?
I’m pretty new to this WordPress thing , but I’ma give it a go .

I will dedicate this site as a fan site for my two loves ;
Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation (hint hint: Wonder Generation)
I’m also gonna show graphics and whatnot from time to time ,
no hater baters allowed . No bashing other artist , just show love .
That’s all i ask for ❤ i’ma spam my Wonder Generation love 😉

Other than that , we’ll see where this takes me from here .
K-Pop lovers … UNITE (what the hell)