(Oldie but Goodie) SSTP 080402

like one of the best boras out there of SNSD!
(number 1 spot might go to chunji
where Sunny & Sooyoung were dj’ing)

these videos are a must-see, yes there’s gifs after
but they really mean nothing unless you watch the vid

video credit goes to the user; tmd1910

Tae Yeon – If (might wanna turn down your volume first
plus the audio is faster than the video by the way)

Tiffany and Jessica (JeNy) – Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Jessica did exceptionally better in keeping her laughter in
That’s my girl =) Sica, Sica, Sica. I love you


Taeyeon: “Hey! I’m trying to sing here!”

Now, that’s how you slow dance people

Go Ahjumma!~ It’s your birthday!
(SooYoung is like dying of laughter)

Oh, Sica. Don’t try to scare Tae
She’ll obviously scare you right back

Yuri makes me laugh =)
but what’s really going through my mind is
… wth was Sica laughing about …

What a bunch of wise guys LOL

. . . iono what this is . . .
but Tae cannot hold in her laughter

~ la la la nobody saw that la la la
-Oh, who am I kidding?”

Wh- Where’s SooYoung going?
Where the hell did she go?
Hmm, -AHHH!!!!

LMFAO, Tiffany is so cute ❤
… Now, wth is she laughing about ?

I forgot Yuri was still on the piano
Taeyeon’s like ‘I’ll get you guys later’

XD Kim Shin Young and Soo Young
They crack me up, love them LOL

Taeyeon just like . . . died . . .
I just realized that Yuri did too (far-left)

Now, Tae just looks drunk . . .


Chin Chin is gonna be bora Wednesday (Oct. 1) and Thursday (Oct. 2)
This week is gonna be a hell of a show
for those of you who know what i’m talking about
And yes, of course.
Your weekly dose of Chin Chin spam will be posted at the end of this week


EDIT: just wanted to spazz on how excited i am
for the girl’s comeback, October will be the best =D
(yay, their new show Factory Girl coming out on the 8th)

video credit: SoshiSubs2

One thought on “(Oldie but Goodie) SSTP 080402

  1. Haha wow…i can’t believe i never watched these before!
    Ahhh im a bad fan T^T
    Haha just looked at the GIFs you made…they’re real funny!
    I’m gonna watch the videos now xD
    Ah and I’m EXCITED too!!!
    Factory Girl coming out October 8th! Woot woot!
    Soshi is coming back! =D

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