Chin Chin 080925 & 080926

0 8 0 9 2 5

Whoo ! a Two-Fer this week.
Double the Fun, Double the Love ♥
(fourth week of September)

0 8 0 9 2 6

– – – – – – – – 

0 8 0 9 2 5

“Hi, guys! -poke, poke-” LMAO

Kangin: “Ahem- i love kim taeyeon”
Taeyeon: “Huh?!”
Kangin: -should i haven’t said that out loud?-

-Awkward Silence-

Taeyeon: “And- oh, you got something-”
Kangin: “Ah!!! What- What are you doing?!
We got witnesses! Whoa!!! (…i’m okay…)”

One More Time!!! LMFAO XD

What in the world is that boy doing?
Taeyeon: “Where- Where is he going?”

There’s our Kangin . . . and Taeyeon o_O
Well, she surely popped out of nowhere LOL

Now THAT’s what you call professionalism

Kangin: “Get out of here- Stealing your purse”
Taeyeon: “Ey, give it back mister. C’mon.
I can get you fired, you know . . .
Yeah, that’s what I thought”

Tae’s like your life-sized bobble head

Tae looks like a pro-photographer

I’m used to her behind in front of the camera
. . . not so much behind it . . .

Taeyeon: “Oppa! O- Kangin’s gone yet?!”

Taeyeon: “Well, is he? -ah! nooo”
Kangin: “Sorry to burst your bubbles sweetie”


And she tries a cute move at he end LMFAO

I love when she does the little running thing

Aww, I love you too LOL

Haha, this whole thing was just CUTE ❤

. . . I think she’s having too much fun . . .

LMFAO! I freaking LOVE this one ♥
Kangin: “Okay . . . I stop”

Staff: “Kangin, have you been picking on Tae?”
Kangin: “Haha! You got to be kidding me.
It’s all her. Uh-uh. Not me, but her”
Staff: “Tae, have you been picking on Kangin?”
Taeyeon: -nods heads-

Taeyeon: “Dude, you need a make-over.
It’s okay, I’ll take care of you”

A picture of Tae taking a picture =)

 – – – – – – –

0 8 0 9 2 6

Tryna be James Bond ? Naw, not really .

Taeyeon’s like . . . lost LMFAO

Hi . . . Nice pen =)

Whoa, Tae calm down when you eat
Almost dropping it down your shirt
Having a hard time swallowing LOL

Tae, Kangin’s calling you
Taeyeon: “Me? (turns to Kangin) What?!”

Taeyeon: “-randomness- Was that cute enough?”

Taeyeon . . . still lost . . . again

What the- What was that move Tae? LMFAO

Watch . . . Tae’s gonna be lost again

I don’t know what she was saying
but I can say that was a mighty pout

. . . no comment . . .

Kangin: “Hey, look at what the guys showed me.
I was better at this before, I swear . . . ”

Kangin: “Forget it, let’s just do this instead”
Taeyeon: ” . . . Whee- Well, that was entertaining while it lasted.
Hey, be careful when you throw it back”
Kangin: “Don’t worry, sheesh”
Taeyeon: “T’eh. Oh, it fell to the floor- I ain’t picking that up”

What … in … the … World

Couple Photo! Whoo! =D

And they all lived Happily Ever After

T H E  ♥  E N D

You wanna hear Kangin’s laugh? Click Here

LMFAOO , still cracks me up ❤


edit: so the gif where tae was touching kang’s eye
i’ve been told that he had a stye ? awww ❤

3 thoughts on “Chin Chin 080925 & 080926

  1. aww so many gifs filled with her dorkyness :]
    she’s just so dorky and lovable in a veryy cute way haha
    and i lovee your chinchin gif spams!
    keep up the good work~

  2. Honestly I come here for Kangin..
    but both of them are so cute~
    LOL his epic laugh ♥
    KangYeon~ ♥

  3. As usual its funny!
    Haha i loved the first few animations with Tae and Kangin.
    Their interactions are so funny like a big brother and little sister type of relationship xD
    Ah and Tae dancing to Rock U was too cute!
    I love her facial expression when she did the ‘yo’ part xD

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