Happy Hump Day !

Don’t know what hump day is ? Ask your teacher !
Wednesday is the ‘hump’ of the week 
Whack, much ? I know

Random posting today, remember my last post of Every1 Idol?
Well, i’m still loving sungmin and joo for some reason
(that girl is so underrated T_T)

if you wanna see the gifs, you know what to click
other than that (get out of here)
aish, people are questioning my wonder generation love

notice how Joo got scared of the pigeon

notice how Sungmin aims for the pigeon XD

“it’s enough to have just you” AWW ~!

Sungmin, what a charmer =)

are you nervous Joo? i see you looking at the camera

my god , so cute . i’m almost jealous <_<

yup, officially jealous LOL ❤


BONUS; my favorite scene from this date

Click Here
(it’ll open in the same window, i believe)

4 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day !

  1. T_T So jealouss!! CRYYY~~
    Sungmin ur so cuteee <333
    da gurl ishh so luckyyy T-T

    How old is Joo? and wich girl band does she belong to?


  2. ^ Joo is a solo-artist on JYP label
    she’s like .. (searches) 18/19 as of now
    Birthdate: October 11, 1990
    aigoo , she’s a pretty chick . love her ❤

  3. Haha i remember watching this!
    It was soooo cute!
    Sucks that their date got interrupted…><
    And i really didnt expect Sungmin to be so forward on the date haha i expected him to act the same way Eunhyuk acted…all shy and quiet…
    But wow he just took control of the date and relationship xD
    Gaaaah thats sexy =P Haha xD

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