Wonder Girls “we’re back!”

Wonder Girls MV Teaser ‘Nobody’

wow , this is surely different
what do you guys think ?

yes, its the new Wonder Girls concept
word gets out fast, eh ? did the leaked pics scare you?
if you were the ‘lucky’ ones to see it, it sure scared ya, huh?
now, the real question is . . . Does it still scare you now?

My opinion, girls look amazing. it’s offcial.
Wonder Girls can pull off any style ❤

the two colored pictures above are not official pics
they were made by a Wonderful, Bibimmyun
these photoshopped ones made me love the pic more

another photoshopped one, iono if its by the same person
but credit to whoever did this one. it’s my favorite so far

One thought on “Wonder Girls “we’re back!”

  1. Wow…the girls look really glamorous xD
    I was kinda scared when i saw the pics of their bowl hair cuts but these pics are really pretty.
    Haha the photoshopped ones look better…I wonder what the real colors of the dresses are.

    I can’t wait for their comeback.

    But gaaah im a bit biased i can’t wait for soshi even more xD

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