(Oldie but Goodie) SSTP 080402

like one of the best boras out there of SNSD!
(number 1 spot might go to chunji
where Sunny & Sooyoung were dj’ing)

these videos are a must-see, yes there’s gifs after
but they really mean nothing unless you watch the vid

video credit goes to the user; tmd1910

Tae Yeon – If (might wanna turn down your volume first
plus the audio is faster than the video by the way)

Tiffany and Jessica (JeNy) – Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Jessica did exceptionally better in keeping her laughter in
That’s my girl =) Sica, Sica, Sica. I love you

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Happy Hump Day !

Don’t know what hump day is ? Ask your teacher !
Wednesday is the ‘hump’ of the week 
Whack, much ? I know

Random posting today, remember my last post of Every1 Idol?
Well, i’m still loving sungmin and joo for some reason
(that girl is so underrated T_T)

if you wanna see the gifs, you know what to click
other than that (get out of here)
aish, people are questioning my wonder generation love

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Wonder Girls “we’re back!”

Wonder Girls MV Teaser ‘Nobody’

wow , this is surely different
what do you guys think ?

yes, its the new Wonder Girls concept
word gets out fast, eh ? did the leaked pics scare you?
if you were the ‘lucky’ ones to see it, it sure scared ya, huh?
now, the real question is . . . Does it still scare you now?

My opinion, girls look amazing. it’s offcial.
Wonder Girls can pull off any style ❤

the two colored pictures above are not official pics
they were made by a Wonderful, Bibimmyun
these photoshopped ones made me love the pic more

another photoshopped one, iono if its by the same person
but credit to whoever did this one. it’s my favorite so far

Sweet 16 . . . right ?

i actually wasn’t planning to make a post today
but what the heck and even though it’s officially my b-day
it doesn’t even feel like it (it’ll kick in tomoro i bet)

now, i know this site is called ‘Wonder Generation’
yet i haven’t posted anything related to Wonder Generation so far
bwahaha, my apologies. in that case, let the Girl Power begin 😉

i don’t need to give you the basics right ?
you know SNSD, you know WG
. . . but let me run things through real quick and easy then . . .

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